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50 DFY Templates | Add Your Domain | Detailed Site Analytics | Virtual Assistant Access Monthly Webinars | 30 DFY Facebook Ads


Hey there again!

I am sure you are excited to check out the FastEye Members’ Area. I understand you’d like to waste no time in getting started to create stunning and high converting Landing Pages and Websites.

But before you do that, I want to give you a shot at greater things you can do with FastEye.
Now bear in mind, that as soon as this special launch comes to end, the features and benefits I am going to tell you about are going to be available ONLY at a recurring monthly price (the exact figure has not yet been decided).

There will be a button on your dashboard, where you can upgrade and get SOME of the following features. The rest of the features that you see today are ONLY available during this special launch.


Just for a LIMITED period of time as a privileged FastEye member you can avail the following…

50 more landing pages and websites templates

With FastEye you are allowed to create as many as landing pages and websites as you want. We don’t believe in restrictive policies. That is the reason we put NO LIMITS on the number of pages you can create.

When you start creating landing pages and websites with preloaded designs and pre-written copy, you wouldn’t want to stop. You’ll realise that things were never this easy for you. Creating a Ready-To-Go-Live landing page or a website in just a few minutes is quite unbelievable.

But soon you’ll realise that you are running out of templates. Your pages and websites have started to look a little similar. And by then you’d have made a reputation for yourself for creating very different looking pages and websites.

That’s when you’d wish you had more templates.

A smart man is who can pre-empt things and is prepared. And this is YOUR opportunity to be prepared. Today with FastEye Pro you can get 50 more templates so that you keep creating, keep selling and keep profiting.


Virtual Assistant Access

When you start creating a lot more landing pages and websites and you start selling more, there will come a point when you would want someone to share the burden.

Mind you, the burden is NOT that of creating pages and websites. That is still a child’s play with FastEye. But the fact is that your business will grow by leaps and bounds. And when ANY business grows that fast, you require more manpower and more resources to keep your new clients and customers happy.

It’s NOT a bad idea to hire someone to share the responsibilities with you – at least take care of things which are pretty straight forward. And with FastEye you no beyond doubt now that creating pages and websites is a breeze.

FastEye Pro lets you give FastEye access to your Virtual Assistant or Manager. Let them handle this aspect while you spend more time handling the more complicated aspects of running your business.


1000+ New Professionally-Approved Icons

Again, you’ll be creating more pages and websites (as many as you would like because remember there are NO LIMITS!). You may even decide to create quite a few just to keep them as samples that you can then showcase to your prospective clients and customers.

Now here’s the funny thing when you go about showcasing your work like that trying to win over the clients…They want more. They want more choices to choose from.

FastEye Pro brings you a pack of 1000+ new professionally approved Icons.

Icons may be small things on a page, but make no mistake, using different Icons gives a page or a website a completely different look.

So pick different Icons and create as many different looking pages and websites as you want or need.


Add Your Own Domain

With FastEye very quickly you’d find yourself in the ‘League Of Big Boys’ in your market. At that moment you’d want everything about your business to look very slick and professional.

And having your own domain on your websites, pages, emails etc. is a very important step in that direction.

We are happy to host the sites created by our customers, but we also understand that there comes a point when it’s for your benefit that you start branding your pages and websites.

With FastEye Pro we would like to support your journey to the top. You can now add your own domain to ALL the pages and websites that you build with FastEye and make them truly yours.


Detailed Site analytics

FastEye isn’t just a landing page and website builder. It’s a lot more…

It’s an All-in-one tool to help you grow your business. And for any business, research and analysis of its operation is a crucial factor.

You have to see what’s working for you and what isn’t, so that you can accurately gauge what the market and your customers want.

FastEye Pro comes with an added feature for showing you detailed analytics of your pages and websites. It shows ALL the data in a concise and easy to understand format, so that you can track the progress of your campaigns and take corrective steps wherever required.


Monthly Webinars

When we said we want to be a part of your success story and contribute as much possible to your efforts to grow your business – it wasn’t a punch line.

We have built our company and our entire business on that principle. And on the same lines, as a FastEye Pro member, you would be invited to exclusive webinars hosted by us every month.

We will teach you how you can get more out of FastEye. How you can create more, sell more and make more profits.

We will spill the beans on every secret, every little trick and hack that you can use to grow your business.

Helping you grow YOUR business is OUR business.


30+ winning Facebook ads

With FastEye Pro we don’t just give you a tool to create pages and websites. We invite you to be a part of our special group of customers.

We offer you things that no one has access to. Things that have worked for us, that have helped us grow. Of course it took us years to learn these, create these and make them work.

But YOU don’t have to go through the same grind. We will share them with you.

ONLY for FastEye Pro members, we are giving away 30+ winning Facebook ads. These are ad creatives we use to drive traffic to our landing pages. These are well tested and proven to get results.

Just copy, paste and PROFIT!


Autoresponder Integration

FastEye Pro lets you integrate your pages and websites with ALL the major autoresponders like Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, InfusionSoft etc.

The pages and websites you create would need this integration so that all the leads that come in are properly saved for you. We don’t want you to go looking for plugins etc. to enable you to do that.

Just integrate the autoresponder of your choice with a couple of clicks and you are good to go.


100% Mobile Responsive

With more and more people using their smartphones to access sites and pages, it is crucial that what you create looks good every screen size there is.

FastEye Pro allows you to build pages that are fully responsive. The pages and websites you create will look the same on smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices that you choose to access them on.


Ultrafast Support

We take pride in the kind of customer support we provide. We are prompt and precise.
We have a dedicated team for providing customer support to every product. These are specialists that are trained and equipped to handle and resolve whatever issue that you may experience with FastEye.

As A FastEye Pro member you get privileged access to our customer support system. Any tickets raised by our Pro members are straight away elevated to “Urgent” level.


Get in NOW

One-Time-Offer ONLY

As mentioned earlier, this is a One-Time Offer. This will NOT be available once this special launch ends.

Later, you may be able to upgrade to FastEye Pro but it WON’T be same as this offer. Some of the features and benefits won’t be there and in some cases the number of additional things you’d be getting would be brought down quite drastically.

Another thing that is for SURE is that it WON’T be available at a One-Time price.

It would definitely be a recurring monthly offer.


Now my simple question to you is this…

What have you got to lose?

Everything that has been listed here above…you know you’ll need them. You know you are going to need more templates because you are going to build many pages and websites (that’s the reason you purchased FastEye) and that is also the reason why you see this special one-time offer now.

Not just templates…You’re going to need more Icons, VA Access, Analytics etc.

I say, you let the ball rolling and get this sweet deal while it’s still available.

And think about it…


What have you got to lose?

As always you are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee.

We are here to stay with high quality products under our belt. We want to serve you the best quality of products. It’s a long-term relation that we seek with you (and that’s the reason we have included Monthly Webinars and Facebook Ads here).

So if for ANY reason you think you don’t need FastEye Pro, you can simply get your money back.

To your success,

Daniel Adetunji


Let’s quickly round up here and see what you are getting today as FastEye Pro customer

That’s quite a pack and quite a value of $2,470. You get ALL of that for a fraction of that amount.

And to add to that even more value…

Here are some bonuses that make
this deal irresistible…


Soci Monitor Machine

This is a powerful simple to use tool that lets you store your brand name, so you can find the most recent tweets and Facebook posts that mentions your brand or products. Use it on your site or include the code in a WordPress plugin for your clients.


This a cool way to save common searches and browse any social mentions on Facebook or Twitter directly in one dashboard. Get a list of your brand mentions across the two most popular platforms, so you can manage your social media reputation easier. This script uses Twitter and Facebook’s official API, so there is no threat of having it blocked from platform security and spam changes.

How Can Soci Monitor Monitor Machine Help You?

When customers aren’t happy with your product or customer service, the first thing they do is go online and complain. Part of online reputation management is finding these unhappy customers and responding to complaints. It’s important to respond professionally and offer support. Other potential customers see your response and become more confident in your brand. Even with angry complaints, you can come out on top and draw more customers to your brand. It can also give people reading the conversation more confidence in your customer support and brand.
Social Monitor is a simple dashboard that lets you quickly check the latest tweets and Facebook posts so you can manage your reputation easier.

Download Soci Monitor Machine Here:


WP Advertiser

This is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space, in a way that no other plugin can. This awesome tool supports a templates and grid system to show really matched and user-friendly ads on your site. And it’s 100% free from Ad blocker. Display your banners, including Google AdSense banners in more than 20 ways.


Here are some of the cool built in features:

  • 100% Responsive
  • Geographical targeting (countries, states / provinces, cities or zip-codes)
  • Schedule your ads and control their delay
  • Option to show Ads in Specific Devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Filters on Categories and Tags
  • Hooks to show Ads before / inner / after Content
  • Options to show / close Ads after X seconds
  • Capping option to show Ads only X times per User / Session
  • Display your ads in more than 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grids, hover and others)
  • Huge backend manager (easily manage your ads)
  • 25+ ready to use Responsive and User-friendly Ad Templates

FB Live Streamer

This is a facebook streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook with Pre-made video and share across all your fanpages. You can use this to go live immediately or schedule live video for future.


Also this application has option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting... We all know that facebook is giving live videos massive engagement at the moment, so imagine using live videos to promote your promotional marketing videos!

No thanks! I don’t want to be able to create a lot of pages and websites. I just bought FastEye to create a couple of pages and websites for myself. I understand that I’ll NOT see this special offer ever again. Please take me to the FastEye members’ area.